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Himala Miracle 1982 Restored Version 2012 720p DVDRip ElitepiratesHimala Miracle 1982 49

Himala: A Classic Filipino Film Restored and Remastered

Himala (Miracle) is a 1982 Filipino drama film directed by Ishmael Bernal and starring Nora Aunor. The film tells the story of Elsa, a young woman who claims to have seen the Virgin Mary and performs miracles in a remote village. The film explores the themes of faith, fanaticism, and social injustice. Himala is widely regarded as one of the greatest Filipino films of all time, and has won numerous awards and accolades, both locally and internationally.

In 2012, Himala was restored and remastered by the ABS-CBN Film Restoration Project, in partnership with Central Digital Lab, Inc. The restoration process involved scanning the original negative, repairing scratches and dirt, color grading, and enhancing the audio. The restored version was screened at various film festivals, such as the Venice International Film Festival, the Busan International Film Festival, and the Cannes Film Festival. The restored version was also released on DVD and Blu-ray by Elite-pirates, a group of Filipino film enthusiasts who aim to preserve and promote Philippine cinema.

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The restored version of Himala is a must-see for fans of Filipino cinema, as it showcases the brilliance of Ishmael Bernal's direction, Nora Aunor's performance, and Ricky Lee's screenplay. The film also features stunning cinematography by Sergio Lobo, haunting music by Jose Maceda, and memorable supporting roles by Veronica Palileo, Spanky Manikan, Laura Centeno, and Gigi Dueñas. Himala is a film that transcends time and culture, as it tackles universal issues that are still relevant today.

If you want to watch the restored version of Himala online, you can download it from [], where you can find other classic Filipino films as well. You can also download the subtitles from [], where you can join the discussion about the film with other fans. Alternatively, you can watch the film on [GitHub], where you can also read more about the restoration process and the history of the film.

Himala is a film that will make you think, feel, and wonder. It is a film that will challenge your beliefs, inspire your imagination, and touch your soul. It is a film that deserves to be seen by everyone.


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