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EyeConnect 1.7 (Mac OS X)

EyeConnect 1.7 (Mac OS X) - Stream Your Media from Mac to TV

Do you have a lot of media files stored on your Mac, such as EyeTV recordings, digital photos, music, and movies? Do you want to enjoy them on your TV or stereo without transferring them to another device? If so, you might be interested in EyeConnect, a software that enables your UPnP AV digital media device to stream media from your Mac onto your TV or stereo.

What is EyeConnect?

EyeConnect is a software developed by Elgato, the same company that makes EyeTV, a popular TV tuner and DVR solution for Mac. EyeConnect is based on the globally trusted Universal Plug and Play Audio/Video standard (UPnP AV) for the seamless sharing of digital content throughout your home. Using this industry standard technology, EyeConnect enables a broad range of UPnP AV devices to play EyeTV recordings, digital music, video, or photo content, including iPhotos, iTunes, and movies stored on your Mac.


How does EyeConnect work?

EyeConnect works by creating a media server on your Mac that can communicate with any UPnP AV compatible device on your home network. You can use EyeConnect in combination with your UPnP AV digital media device to manage wired or wireless streaming of digital entertainment content effortlessly. Digital media files remain organized as originally stored in your Mac libraries so you can quickly find the file you want.

What are the features of EyeConnect?

  • Stream EyeTV recordings, digital photos, music, and movies from your Mac to your TV or stereo.

  • Supports a wide range of UPnP AV devices, such as D-Link DSM-320 MediaLounge, Philips Streamium SL400i, and Philips Streamium MX6000i.

  • Supports Gatekeeper and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

  • Easy to install and configure.

  • Free trial available for download.

How to get EyeConnect?

You can download EyeConnect for Mac from the developer's website [4] or from MacUpdate [5]. The software is available as a demo version that allows you to stream media for 30 minutes per session. To unlock the full functionality, you need to purchase a license for $79.95. You can also check out the user reviews and comments on MacUpdate [6] or CNET Download [7] before buying.


If you are looking for a simple and reliable way to stream your media from your Mac to your TV or stereo, you should give EyeConnect a try. It is based on the industry standard UPnP AV protocol and supports a variety of devices. It is easy to use and offers a free trial. You can download it from the links below and enjoy your media on the big screen.

Download links:

  • [Developer's website]

  • [MacUpdate]

  • [CNET Download]


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