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Groups coming soon in 2021 


HI everyone I'm looking to start running the Baby Massage and The R.E.A.L play experience groups soon. If you are interested in any of the sessions advertised, please email or contact me to go on the waiting list or for more information.

Baby Massage courses and 1-1


Baby Massage courses which are for around 10 families, will be 5 weeks long and includes your own oil and booklets to show you the massage strokes. The price of this course will be £65 for the 5 week block. Email or phone me to go on a waiting list or for more information.

The 1-1 course will be 5 sessions at your convenience in your home and includes a goody bag and a tailored experience. For a price and more information on these tailored for you sessions please contact me via phone or email.

If you want to tailor your own course at you and your friend’s convenience, then please contact me for a quote.

The R.E.A.L play experience 


The R.E.A.L play experience 

I will be running 3 different groups for different age ranges of children so that each child can explore at their own pace. Each block of sessions can be experienced more than once as they will be different every time. Have a look at the activity page for more information. Each group of sessions will be 5 weeks and the sessions will cost £45 for the block.

Email or phone me to go on a waiting list or for more information. 

Facebook Page 

Join us on on Facebook 'the R E A L play experience' for Live rhyme time sessions through lock-down and ideas and videos on how to play with R.E.A.L objects

Live Rhyme time 

Join me free for Live Rhyme time sessions, every Tuesday at 2 pm and Thursday at 11 am. Say hello and who's watching and bring all your children's favorite rhymes so we can sing them together.


The R.E.A.L play experience video's 

Through Lock-down starting the first week of February, there will be regular video's on the R.E.A.L play experience and different ways you can use real objects in play. Join me for some ideas and tips to do at home with your family

News & Updates: Activities
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